Poetic Rap

Those of us who would rather be dead than be who we are.

You wanna judge? Go ahead. I refuse to hold a grudge. I’ve broken out of that cage. I don’t want to hear what you say out of anger and rage.

Really I’ve known who I am from a very young age. All those religions. It’s not a given right. You don’t want to see the real thing in sight. All those judges want to put up a fight.

You should know what it says in the book. Judge and you will be judged in the same likeness. You shout out “it’s a sin!” It’s a sin! Yet you can’t see your own look. And It’s not righteous.

Just take a look. Oh wow hypocrite. What truly makes you act this way? Is it that book? Or just the ignorance that brings all this dismay.

Why do you care how I love? Choices are but consequences are not. Take your slurs and slang tie them in a knot.

Why do you care about how I live? You sure have hate, not love you should give. We hide in our hearts and don’t want to live. God doesn’t see you better than us. All he sees Love is love.

We are born all the same. Innocent until you judge we are all insane. We live under one God for the sake of His name. He creates all equal yet you shout out we should live in shame.

You bring on depression due to your repercussions. Rake fear into us and show rejection. What do see when you look at your own reflection?

Do you see who you are or let your teacher take you in another direction? God wants to see all this hate end. What message do you really want to send?

Will it all be worth it in the end? It’s not a choice yet we try to defend. In the young age of five No One told me it’s a sin. Let’s just move on and welcome us all to win. It’s a war no one will win. Stop and think what you have with in. Is it truly a war? Because we all truly sin.

Copy (c) Rights by Rhymoreason 2019 All Rights reserved


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